About MiniBid

The Minibid Group is an online platform for fully licenced minibus operators to live bid for your custom, specialising in medium to long distance travel. Minibid has brought together minibus operators across Tyne and Wear and aims to make it a more efficient way to arrange your minibus travel at the best price.

Posting a job offer takes a matter of minutes and allows you to reach out to as many minibus operators as possible. Over the time period you select, drivers will live bid against one another until the time limit is up. At the end of the auction you will be shown the 3 lowest priced bids for your trip.

Many minibus operators driving solely on their own usually don’t have the advertising budget to really reach out to their local area and struggle to compete against the bigger minibus company rivals. These bigger minibus companies can come in many forms such as PSV (Public service vehicle) operating companies only or your local taxi company may provide one for you.

These minibus drivers operating solely on their own usually don’t incur extra costs like paying for extra driver wages or paying office rank to the local taxi company they work for (Which may range from £110 - £140 p/w). These savings can be passed on to you.

Let drivers come to you

Don't like the price, don't pay the deposit..... Arranging minibus travel for stag do's, hen parties or even golf trips can be a costly affair and making sure you get the best price means more money in your pocket. Creating an account is free and we welcome you to join MiniBid.

All jobs must be a minimum of 9 miles + (Total mileage includes via points).

Your information will NEVER be shared with third parties.