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(A) To sign up or make a booking through this website, you are required to be at least 18 years of age and it is your responsibility as the hirer to provide accurate details when making a booking.


(B) It is the hirers responsibility to notify the company of any mistakes with their booking by phone or emailing Enquires@MyMiniBid.com quoting the reference number of the job which is provided to you via email when making your booking through this website. It is also the hirer sole responsibility for the conduct and behavior of the passengers, whether they are traveling or not. The hirer will be liable for any additional costs incurred by the company throughout the performance of this contract.



(A) At the end of the auction all 3 lowest priced bid offers shown are valid for 30 hours.


(B) If you the hirer do not choose to "Award" a Minibus provider and pay the deposit + £2 booking fee after 30 hours from the end of the auction the company reserve the right to remove all bid offers and remove the job offer from this website.


(C) You the hirer accept MiniBid is not an operator itself and offers no transport services but instead acts as a middleman booking agent by providing an online space for certified minibus companies to find potential hirers to offer their transport services.


(D) It is the responsibility of both parties to select each other based on the services required and the contractual terms and rates offered by each of the parties. You accept MiniBid does not carry out full vetting of any registered minibus company users and cannot provide any assurances as to the ability of a party to perform its obligations under a contract.




(A) MiniBid does not guarantee that all your requirements will be fulfilled and reserves the right to immediately refuse any bookings you as a customer want to make and cancel any bookings you already have made with this website and return all monies paid without liability.


(B) The contract for the provision of the transport service is directly between you and your chosen Minibus service provider.


(C) The hirer accepts and secures his booking by paying a deposit via card to the company (Minimum deposit £10 + £2 booking fee).


(D) If you have any specific requirements with your chosen minibus provider,

MiniBid cannot confirm the Minibus provider will meet the requirements you

have made and shall not take any responsibility if the requirements are not meet.


(E) The company reserves the right to add on additional fees for timings and any

extra miles above the original agreement whether written or verbal.




(A) It is your responsibility for checking your job details are accurate and clear.

Your Booking will not be confirmed until you see confirmation on your screen and have received an email from MiniBid.


(B) The hirer of the minibus should not assume the vehicle will remain at the

destination site for their sole use, unless agreed in writing.


(C) You as the hirer accept that MiniBid is acting as an agent for the minibus

providers and will try to assist you in any complaints you have against the minibus service provider and if you wish to seek any legal remedy it will be sought against the Minibus provider you hired not MiniBid.


(D) You as the hirer agree that MiniBid reserves the right, if available to move the contract

for the provision of transport services between you and your chosen minibus

provider to another suitable party to ensure the booking is fully fulfilled.




(A) Minibid will not guarantee a booking until the deposit + booking fee has been paid and cleared in the MiniBid bank account.


(B) Once your booking has been confirmed after payment, it can be cancelled but is subject in accordance with our cancelation policy.


(C) You as the hirer agree that no chargeback will be added to any debit/credit card issuer with regards to booking payment.


(D) MiniBid will send you an email confirmation/ receipt of your booking once the deposit + booking fee has been paid. Please make note of your job reference number.


(E) If you do not declare extra luggage when making a booking, it may result in a bigger vehicle or a trailer being needed, then your chosen minibus company has the right to charge extra.


(F) If you make any deviations to your route, you may be required to pay extra to the minibus company providing your service. Extra payment should be made to them in cash on the day.




(A) MiniBid or your chosen minibus service provider do not provide any insurance for loss or damaged goods and cannot take responsibility during the performance of the contract.


(B) Your chosen minibus operator reserves the right to choose the route to the destination in compliance with weather and traffic conditions.


(C) If you the hirer wish to amend the original booking confirmation, it may result in additional charges by the minibus service provider you have chosen.




(A) You as the hirer reserve the right to cancel your booking through this website.


(B) To cancel your booking, please log in to your user account and go to your "Awarded Job" section of the dashboard. Click on your job to open full job details and scroll down to the bottom of the page and select cancel. An automatic email will be sent to both you and your driver confirming you have cancelled.


 (C) If your chosen minibus provider cancels at any time and we cannot find a suitable replacement before the agreed pickup date & time of the booking you as the customer can have the right to request a full refund on your deposit by making a request via email to Enquiries@myminibid.com. You accept MyMiniBid reserves the right to return all monies paid without liability.


(D) If you as the customer wish to cancel a booking through this website at any time there is no refund on your deposit or booking fee.


(E) If you are not at the pickup point within 15 mins of the agreed time, your chosen minibus provider is entitled to treat this as a cancellation and you will not receive any refund from MiniBid.




(A) Your chosen minibus provider reserves the right to cancel the trip, if the driver feels it’s unsafe to drive the minibus due to the conduct of passengers in the vehicle.


(B) It is the driver’s sole discretion of whether you are allowed food and drink on board during the trip.


(C) Smoking and taking illegal drugs on board is not allowed at any time and will result in cancellation of the trip with your chosen minibus provider and no refund. You the hirer are responsible for observing this does not happen.


(D) You must declare you have animals when making your booking otherwise it is solely the minibus providers discretion whether to allow animals on board. This may result in cancellation and no refund will be given.




(A) Any disputes you have with your chosen minibus provider, you agree to first contact them via phone to resolve the issue with them.


(B) If you can’t resolve the problem with your chosen minibus provider, please then contact us via email at enquiries@myminibid.com along with your name, reason and job reference number within 48 hours of the agreed pickup time & date. If you do not meet this time frame your complaint will be dismissed. We will then carry out disiplinary procedures against the minibus operator.


(C) Again MiniBid is not liable for any damages, claims or disputes between you and your chosen minibus provider.




(A) Minibus providers are required by law to strict driving hours and rest periods.


(B) The minibus provider reserves the right to change course or take a rest period to comply with driving and rest periods. We do not accept any liability for any delays or losses due to minibus drivers having to adhere to driving and rest periods, throughout the performance of this contract.


(C) Drivers are required by law to take a 45 minute break for every 4 hours 30 minutes of driving time.




(A) This agreement is binding by the laws and courts of England and these terms and conditions override other terms and conditions found elsewhere.